Westbag Oy

A reliable partner in packaging

We make and sell vacuum bags of the highest quality for all kinds of food packing. Vacuum bags are particularly suitable as packaging for foodstuffs that easily go bad. We offer bags of various sizes, materials and durability, according to purpose. The bags are transparent, and a multi-colour print can be applied to them.

Westbag also supplies cooking bags, for example for sous vide cooking, and aluminium laminated bags to be used in the electronics industry, among others. Our product range further includes HD products of various sizes, shopping bags, packaging tapes, stretch wrap, and fish packaging trays.

Westbag provides a flexible service to all its customers, regardless of order size. Our production unit and warehouse are situated in Turku, where we also have a sales and pickup point for customers. We provide fast deliveries to all Scandinavian countries.

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Vacuum bags

Westbag Oy sells and makes vacuum bags for a wide range of purposes. We acquire high-quality multilayer film mainly from our Finnish cooperation partners. For printing orders, our partner is Oy WestPak Ab in Säkylä. WestPak’s unique High Resolution Printing® technology ensures the best possible appearance for the packaged product.

Areas of use

  • Meat

    Our vacuum bags are excellent for packaging and lengthy raw-ripening of meat.

  • Fish


    Fish must always be fresh, and we understand all the requirements of packing fish – from special bags to trays.

  • Cheese


    The aromas of a good cheese are worthy of preservation in a gas-tight wrapping – with the additional bonus of sparing more sensitive noses from being overwhelmed by the delicious smells.

  • Vegetables


    Appropriate packing ensures that vegetables remain clean and taste fresh up to the point of being served.

  • Sous Vide

    Sous Vide

    Our cooking bags are the perfect aid for this fine cooking method, which will provide an exquisite food experience.

  • Electronics


    Hygiene is a basic requirement not only in food packaging. Our materials and quality awareness also cover the needs of the electronics industry.

Material types

Westbag Oy always finds solutions for your various packaging needs and requirements. Our product development responds to changes and stricter demands within packaging when it comes to, for instance, energy and ecological efficiency. Together with our cooperation partners we can solve your individual packaging needs.

Westbag’s standard materials focuses on ensuring an excellent tightness and mechanical durability using multilayer film. Thanks to the structure of the film we use, the weight of our bags is reduced without compromising on their quality requirements. A smaller weight results in a reduction of transport costs along the production chain, and of the amount of waste created.

WEST-A 60-65my
With top-quality features, our standard material combines high mechanical durability and gas-tightness with lightness in weight. This enables you to transport more of your products, and less packaging materials.

WEST-C 80my
A thicker material for packaging demanding higher mechanical durability and puncture resistance.

WEST-E 120my
An extra strong material with high puncture resistance. This a good packaging choice for all kinds of fish as well as for meat with sharp bones.

In addition to those above, Westbag makes other materials with various durability according to your needs. We also sell HD bags.

The company

Westbag Oy is a Finnish family-owned company. Its owners and key members of staff have over 40 years of experience within packaging and thus substantial knowledge of the industry. We manufacture various seamed multilayer bags at our modern production plant. Your own package design can be added to the bags using a high-quality printing process. Our product range also includes cooking bags, which have attracted much interest, and aluminium laminated bags.

Westbag’s factory and warehouse are located in the Oriketo area in Turku. With production concentrated to Finland, we aim to serve all our customers swiftly and flexibly, regardless of order size. We provide fast delivery of orders of any size to all Scandinavian countries. Bags available directly in our warehouse are usually sent within 24 hours of the order being placed. At the factory, there is also a sales point, where customers wishing to do so can pick up their products directly. Our products are also available at retail outlets.

Please contact us using the form below, or call +358 10 583 2280